Can casual sex turn into a relationship?

Many people are involved in casual sex encounters and they are more than satisfied with just that, but one can’t help but wonder if that sexual encounter can maybe turn into something real. Maybe you meet the person with whom you simply click, and you would want to build something more than just casual sex meetings.

Well, if you are looking for something more serious, then maybe casual hookups are not where you should start, or even be; since here, people know that there are no strings attached. Having a casual sex encounter means that everything is done for fun, and nobody owes anyone anything, so the topic of starting a relationship might cause your partner to bolt.

With that said, you should know that there have been times where a simple casual sex encounter turned into something more serious, even marriage. In fact, many people prefer to be sexually active with others before they settle down because this way they can determine if there is any kind of chemistry between them because that is really important in a relationship.

Another interesting thing to know is that the ones who engage in casual sex relationships with one person more than just once can end up wanting something more serious. This is usually due to the intimacy, together with the overall time you spend together with that person. For example, after having sex, you two might end up talking for hours, and that can make a print in your emotions.

Now, for those who have a casual fuck buddy, and are interested to make something more out of it, there is a way to go about it, but it does not always work. First of all, are you sure you are on the same page, or if your partner even has interest in you? If you think that they are interested, take initiative to spend more time together than you usually would, and do not always initiate sex; try talking.

If the other person shows interest in conversing with you as well as having sex, then maybe there is something there, and the next step would be to tell them how you feel. Now, you shouldn’t go all out and tell them “I love you” from the beginning, tone it down. Start with a simple “I’m starting to like you” or similar, and by their response, you will see where your relationship goes.

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