First date on Tinder turns in to a dirty fuck date!

This sexy and mature MILF invites her boy toy over for dinner and a little dessert. Throughout dinner, they stay super close to each other, touching and laughing while exchanging little innocent kisses. Once the plates have been cleared the MILF wastes no time, sliding down the straps of her dress to show off her perfect bouncing breasts for her boy toy to kiss and suck on! And there’s plenty more dirty old shag birds who love to watch Porn in VR and then go out and fuck on Tinder!

They move to the counter so there is a little more room. The MILF makes her way to her boy toy’s briefs. She sees that he is already hard and waiting for her. The MILF takes the full length of his cock into her mouth, savoring every inch before climbing on top of his dick. She moans with every thrust, this slut can’t get enough. The guy pushes her off of him so he can take charge, thrusting long and deep until he hits his climax, then cumming all over the hot MILF.

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